So Cheng-Mei


Dear Sirs/Ladies,

I am So Cheng-Mei. Since 1996, I started to study medicine science. I have practiced  Traditional Chinese medicine for several years, like Chinese herbal tea, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, tui-na(Chinese massage), gua-sha(scraping) and other traditional Chinese treatments.

I also specialized in the department of gynecology of Chinese medicine. I have a lot of experience on treating women’s and children’s health problems. The treatments are also efficient for sleeping improvement, chronical pain killing, anxiety and depression.

I  respect every patient’s thoughts and emotions. I would let my patients understand their own physique as far as possible and choose the treatment that suits their body. If people know their own physical condition, they will be able to understand that Chinese medicine will help them to improve or keep a better health. Your consideration to me will be very much appreciated.

Dr. So Cheng-Mei 索承美

  •  Master of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  •  Bachelor of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  •  Vice-president and doctor of Shanghai Ding Han TCM clinic
  •  Consultant of Taiwan Ding Han Chinese and Western medicine cottage
  •  Member of Gynecological Branch of Shanghai Chinese Medicine Association
  •  Member of Gynecological Branch of Chinese medicine Association of China
  •  Member of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
  •  Member of Belgian Acupunctors Federation


Academic achievement & Main Papers and publications 學術成就及主要論著:

2009.05 三伏十次辨證施貼療程治療過敏性鼻炎 164 例臨床療效觀察(中華現代中醫學雜 誌)
Clinical Observation on Therapeutic Effect of 164 Cases of Allergic Rhinitis Treated with 10 dialectical therapies in hot summer days (Journal of Chinese Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine, ISSN 1681-2476, 2009:5)

2010.09 紫草在婦科及生殖內分泌方面的研究進展(浙江中醫雜誌)
Research Progress of Lithospermum on Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology(Zhejiang Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, ISSN:0411-8421, 2010:9)

2010.12 三九貼雙向調節及治療過敏性鼻炎療效觀察(遼寧中醫藥大學學報)
Sanjiu paste two-way adjustment and treatment of allergic rhinitis (Journal of Liaoni ng University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, ISSN:1673-842X, 2010:1)2

2015.09 中藥治療產後憂鬱症研究進展(台灣中醫醫學雜誌)
Research Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Postpartum Depression (Taiwan Journal of Chinese Medicine, ISSN:1684-1166, 2015:9) (TJCM-104-013)

2016.09 生病看中醫好,還是西醫好(台灣,人類智庫)book
Chinese medicine or western medicine ( Taiwan, Humanbooks, ISBN: 978-986-373-314-0)









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