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If you want to kick out a bloated figure and plan to lose weight, but do not want a hellish diet, and you do not know how to start, and you can consider taking a Chinese Medicine treatment.

There is a study by Hong Kong Hospital Authority found obesity people continue to receive acupuncture treatment without deliberate control of diet or madness in exercise, but also to achieve weight loss, course to stimulate nerve ligament appetite, reach nerve stimulation, fat relief and appetite inhibition.

Many medical literatures suggest that acupuncture can stimulate the nervous system and increase the secretion of two neurotransmitters, serotonin and polyphenols, to suppress appetite and increase the rate of fat breakdown. The acupoints used in acupuncture treatment include Tianshu(ST25), Daheng(SP15), Daimai(GB26), Qihai(RN6), Zhonggun(RN12), Zusanli(ST36), Fenglong(ST40) and Sanyinjiao(SP6). There are 8 acupoints in total. These acupoints mainly regulate gastrointestinal tract, remove body wetness, nourish the spleen and kidney ,balance qi and blood, and then making obese people to lose their weight.

According to the six kinds of fatness, the following points will be provided for daily massage, 3 times a day, pressing 30 times each time, relaxing points when inhaling and pressing points when breathing out.

Fatness by eating cold food

This kind of people are easy to have much humid in the body and lower body fat, easy has edema situation.

  • 三陰交穴Sanyinjiao(SP6) —Improving body circulation(blood and lymphatic system); improving lower body edema and regulating menstruation.
  • 陰陵泉穴yinlingquan(SP9) —Resolving water to subside swelling; activating the large muscles of the lower limbs; modifying the inner legs lines.
Fatness by stress

This kind of people always wants to eat when they are in a stressful situation. Their muscle fat is thicker and firmer. Usually they would with other problems like difficultly to fall asleep, stomachache etc.

  • 內關穴Neiguan(PC6) —Relieving stress and nervousness of mind and body; relieving the discomfort in heart, chest and stomach; lowing stomach acid reflux.
  • 太衝穴Taichong(LR3) —Relaxing the liver and regulating qi; relieving stress and headache; improving sleep quality.
Fatness by endocrine disorders

This kind of fatness will show in the lower belly, waist and hips, a cold feeling in the lower abdomen. People may be accompanied by menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea or menstrual syndrome/PMS.

  • 關元穴Guanyuan(CV4) —Supplementing kidney qi; strengthen the pelvic blood circulation; improving hip sagging; regulating menstrual disorders and Incontinence.
  • 子宮穴Zigong(EX-CA1) —Improving gynecological problems; helping to reduce belly fat.
Fatness by eating and drinking too much

Those peoples are easily to get hot and wet constitution in liver and gall , mostly they have a mid-abdominal fat body, the fat is centered in the waist and abdomen.

  • 帶脈穴Daimai(GB26) —Relieving tendon pain in lower back; Improving waist fat losing.
  • 天樞穴Tianshu(ST25) —Improving gastrointestinal motility; eliminating flatulence; losing the fat around the navel.
Fatness by overworking

This kind of people are easy to be tired, sweating, looked pale and puffy. Additional they usually have a bad sleeping condition. For this kind of people, it is better to increase their energy, improving sleeping quality, and that will help you to lose weight.

  • 足三里Zusanli(ST36) —Improving digestion; increasing physical strength; strengthening abdominal muscles.
  • 百會Baihui(GV20) —Invigorating qi; refreshing; improve insomnia and head disorders.
Fatness by Staying up late

This kind of people usually has sleeping problem, easily angry issue, a lot of dreams during sleeping, dry or red eyes, hair losing and low back pain. As Chinese Medicine, the people is easy to have kidney yin deficiency and overmuch liver and gall fire due to stay up lat.

  • 風市穴Fengshi(GB31) —Clearing away heat to reduce liver and gall fire; making smooth to liver and gall meridians; removing the fat in the outside of the thigh.
  • 神門穴Shenmen(HT7) —Reducing appetite; stabilizing nerves and emotions; improving sleeping quality.


Acupuncture treatment of Losing- Weight
in So’s Chinese Medicine

  • Diagnosis of constitution
  • Measuring body weight and BMI
  • Multi-therapy combination: acupuncture/ Cupping / Herbal tea…
  • 10 time one course, suggeating 2 times per week.
  • Health and beauty in the same time!



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