Why do you get fat ?!




Why I can’t lose my weight even I didn’t eat so much?! How to make my belly fat gone?! I want to have a better body curve!

Before we start, first of all,I need to emphasize one thing, fatness should not only be concerned by woman, man should concern it too. Because fat will cause a lot of modern disease, especially when there is too much fat in your blood. A high fat percentage in your blood will easy cause heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, fatty liver, cirrhosis…etc. Fat stacks blood circulation, and it also makes people feeling tired, looking old, having bad skin condition, facial dark and spots…etc. Therefore, controlling weight (fat) is everyone’s job because that will improve your health, beauty and will make you looking younger.

Now, we talk about why does people cause fatness? There are 6 main reasons.

  • Cold food
  • Big stress
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Eating and drinking too much(by work or sociality)
  • Overworking
  • Staying up late


Fatness by eating cold foodfat-31.jpg

This kind of fatness is caused by edema of spleen wet ,that is usually due to eat or drink too much cold food, like ice cream, cold drink, salad, sashimi or drinking cold water in the morning always. Chinese medicine believes that ” Spleen governs the muscles”.

The spleen deficiency cause the muscles to become weak and ligamentous laxity.

It is recommended to exercise lower body and leg muscles, and after the exercise you can use the sauna and steam bath to speed up metabolism and eliminate body wet.

But remember that you still need to supplement water(it’s better drinking warm water) .


Fatness by stressfat-32.jpg

Long term high stress is easy to get heat in liver and stomach.

This kind of people always wants to eat when they are in a stressful situation. Their muscle fat is thicker and firmer.

It is recommended to exercise with stretching, like Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and so on to relax the tight muscle ligaments, and to beautify the body curve by the way. At least take two or three days a week to engage in aerobic exercises of you interested, such as jogging, brisk walking, boxing aerobics, belly dancing, hip-hop, squash, etc.

It is not only to strengthen the heart and lung function or promoting the burning of fat, but also to vents emotions and releases stress by the movement.

Having a bath with Chinese herbal medicine, at least once a week, can achieve efficiency for relieving stress, slimming and fat-reducing.


Fatness by endocrine disordersfat-33.png

This kind of fatness belongs in Chinese Medicine to the kidney yang deficiency that can cause endocrine disorders. The most affected organ is the female’s uterus and ovaries.

Exercises should pay special attention on pelvic activity and strengthen the pelvic blood circulation. Women can strengthen the functions of pelvis, uterus and ovaries by standing-riding a bicycle, swing your hips during walking, twisting of the waist and hips movements.


Fatness by eating and drinking too much

Some of people eat and drink too much because of the needs for work or sociality.

In Chinese Medicine we know that the liver and gall are easily to get hot and humid condition.

This kind of people mostly has mid-abdominal fat , this fat accumulates in the waist and abdomen.

As a result, the waist becomes thicker and the belly becomes large. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the exercise of the waist and abdominal muscles. Shaking hula hoop, sit-ups, swing machines, belly dance, Yoga, Pilates and other movements, and increasing walking from 30 minutes to an hour, by swinging hips & waist, those activities help to burn the fat in the waist and abdomen.


Fatness by overworkingfat-37

The overweight people with insufficient qi and blood due to overworking, this kind of people is easily tired, sweating, pale looking and has bad sleeping condition.

This kind of people can choose a progressive and gentle aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, riding a stationary bicycle. But the exercise time is not too long, gradually increased from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, and finally 1 hour, based on people’s physical energy.

Chinese Medicine believes that Dantian(丹田) is the source of physical power. Dantian’s position is under the navel. Therefore, training abdominal muscles, such as sit-ups, Yoga, and Pilates, etc. it not only increase vitality, but also increase the proportion of muscles in the body, promotes calorie metabolism and help weight loss.


Fatness by Staying up late

In Chinese Medicine this kind of people are easy to have kidney yin deficiency and liver fire exuberant those are due to staying up late. They usually have sleeping problems, easily angry problems, a lot of dreams during sleeping, dry or red eyes, losing hair and lower back pain.

It is recommended that the people can start with progressive and gentle movements such as brisk walking, riding a stationary bicycle, swimming, etc.

The time and intensity of exercise increasing gradually depend on the physical condition, and the exercises do not cause physical discomfort. Suggesting that they don’t do aerobic exercise for three hours before going to sleep. Because intense exercise stimulates the adrenal glands, it making physical strength better, but it is not good for falling asleep.



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