Pain when massaging the body meridian?

tuina massage, pain in the meridian

Why do you feel pain when massaging the body meridian?  This is the reason why!

A healthy body needs sufficient qi and blood, and a good qi-blood circulation. Patients always asked me why they feel pain in some parts of their body. Most of the reasons are poor circulation of qi and blood. Chinese medicine treatment is mostly about improving qi-blood circulation. In fact, we should all pay attention to how much damage is caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis.

If the qi and blood are insufficient ,our body will be weak, and problems like fatigue, and feeling sleepy will occur. If the body does not have qi(energy), than it is in a vegetative state. If there is no qi to push blood, bad blood circulation will cause hemiplegia. Not to mention about that the resulting blockage by dampness and blood stasis can cause inflammation and tumors.

If your body is weak and you feel that some parts of your body are particularly hard, sore or painful? Please pay more attention because meridian health is related to the quality of your future life.

The symptoms of blocked meridians:

  • Pain: Pain is an important signal that the meridians are blocked. The first feeling of a blocked meridians is pain. As the traditional Chinese medicine saying “痛则不通,通则不痛(tong ci bu tong, tong ci bu tong)” goes, „ when your body feels pain, it means the balance in your body is disrupted ”. Conversely, you will not feel any discomfort when your body’s qi and blood are flowing smoothly through the meridians. The easiest way to deal with this problem is tuina(massage). Wherever you feel pain and press that place, you will find that the more you are pressing, the less painful it gets, that means the blocked meridians are being relieved.

tuina massage

  • Soreness: If a certain part of the body is sore, or when it is slightly sore after exercising, it means that the meridians in this part are not smooth and the blood supply is slowed down. At this time, using beats and massages on the sore meridians will stimulate the blood flow again. You may find potential symptoms such as pain ,or swelling.
  • Swelling: Swelling is often caused by blood stasis and qi stagnation. The conditions indicate that the corresponding meridians have being clogged.
  • Cold: In addition to a cold head feeling , some parts of the body are feeling cold, such as cold hands and feet are most common. This is often the signal of a blocked meridian. Because body temperature is decided by the transmission of qi and blood. When qi and blood are exuberant , body temperature will be normal. The part of the body were you feel cold, is were the meridian is blocked and were the blood has difficulties to reach that part of the body.
  • Heat: The heat caused by the meridian barrier, is mainly manifested as low heat, dryness, or local abnormal sweating in some parts of the body. This is because the meridians are blocked, and the heat cannot be moved out by normal way.
  • Numbness: The further development of the meridian barrier is numbness! For example, if we sit cross-legged for too long, the legs lose their blood circulation, and people will feel pain. Then, the meridians and the blood are completely blocked, causing a numb feeling in the legs. The patency of the qi and blood would be restored by changing the sitting position only.


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