Bonsai Care

Have you always wanted to have a bonsai tree, but you don’t know how to care for it?

Waiting is a thing of the past because with So Chinese Medicine’s Bonsai care you can now bring your bonsai tree in for care!

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After several years of experience with Bonsai and workshops with well-known Bonsai Masters in Belgium and Japan, I gained knowledge and decided to help the starting bonsai  enthusiast’s with their bonsai and  improve their fantastic hobby and ensure that they don’t lose their enthusiasm in bonsai because the loss of their bonsai trees. These bonsai trees usually die because people do not know how to care for them. Proper watering, pruning and repotting at the right time are some things that are very important and that are not always said when we buy a bonsai and certainly not when we buy it in a plant shop instead of a specialized bonsai shop .

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Bonsai Services

Help with pruning, repotting, wiring, fertilizing and shaping the bonsai trees.

The novice Bonsai enthusiast can bring in his bonsai for pruning, repotting, wiring and shaping. I can also draw up a fertilization schedule for the specific tree depending on the state of development.

Together with the owner I will discuss the possibilities and actions and carry out the aforementioned works.

All this is of course dependent on the season and time.

Bonsai Hotel

Are you going on vacation and you have no one to water your bonsai.

Then bring in your bonsai and I will provide the necessary watering.

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